¿About Us?

Zozer S.A. de C.V., is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of colors for the plastics industry, we have over 20 years experience, our job is to innovate, manufacture and market, pigments, additives and master batch of excellent quality, we seek create mutual benefit in all business interactions with our customers.

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Our Services

·   Color Matching:
     The equalization is done through a
     Spectrophotometer Colorflex Hunter-Lab,
     for more accurate matching.
·   Technical Consultancy.
·   Urgent Responses.
·   After Sales Service.

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Our Products

·   Zozer Bioplastic (New)
·   Pearly Masterbatch
·   Fluorescent Masterbatch
·   Black Masterbatch
·   White Masterbatch
·   Lazer Masterbatch
·   Sliding Masterbatch
·   Kropp Masterbatch (PET)
·   Powder Pigments
·   Mold Free - Release Agent Masterbatch
·   Additives
·   Spray Seize and Release Agent

Certified company ISO9001:2015