Products - Lazer Masterbatch

  • With this line of masterbatch can be marked or engraved with laser permanently in most polyolefins, with the highest quality, whether it comes to complex ornamental prints as if made prints to identify products (such as codes, QRs, numbers ...). Thanks to the high flexibility and reduced processing time can also be marked small print runs cost effectively, not just big series. To record texts, debarras codes or logos and markings are used primarily a fiber laser. The following materials are particularly suitable for this process: HDPE, PP, ABS, PA, PI, PES, PC.

    The Master batch lazer become an industrial tool with unique capabilities that allow a wide range of engraving manufacturing plastics accurately. The Master Batch lazer offer low cost, fast ROI, small footprint and outstanding reliability and, therefore, have a growing acceptance of the manufacturing industry as an alternative to conventional laser design.

    The laser engraving is able to generate a high-contrast identification, readable and durable in a wide variety of components for industrial use or consumer products. Computer vector or bitmap patterns (logos, bar codes or text) are mostly generated application.

    A combination of a Master Batch lazer offers manufacturers a unique solution for speed, performance and versatility that can not be achieved with other labeling techniques.


    ·   Production data (dates, lots, expiration etc.)
    ·   Decorative elements (pictures)
    ·   Speed ​​(55seg / 10 letters)
    ·   Does not require exact marking inks
    ·   Resistance to abrasion and weathering.